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    Carl E Tippins

    While versions 64 & 65 solved the rules issue I submitted earlier with triggers for “is changed” / “is changed from initial value” for one SP list, they are now firing the rules in a different order than previously. This is causing wrong fields to be displayed and not displaying fields that should be displayed.
    I have reverted back to v60 in order for this SP site to work correctly.
    I have attached screen shots of what is happening with v60 and v64/65.

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    Carl E Tippins

    uploading docs again

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    Alexander Bautz

    I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

    It’s a bit hard to get a complete overview by looking at the screenshots, but the changes made in the latest versions related to multiple triggers (both on change and others) on one field fixed an old issue where not all rules with a matching trigger would actually be triggered because of a faulty loop-prevention-function that stopped some of the rules from actually being triggered.

    This latest changes will ensure ALL matching rules will be triggered. This might require that you use the “No reversing of this rule” setting on all rules on this field to ensure it only does what it is supposed to do when it evaluates to true – an that it does not reverse the actions when it is not.

    Please let me know if this work out.


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