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    Keith Hudson

    Alex, I’m experimenting with using custom JS functions instead of rules for our very complex forms. I’m wondering if I can do any of the following using already existing objects or functions rather than create my own functions:
    1. Change the selectedTab
    2. save an array of all the hidden fields on the form to a field on the list, and an array of all the required fields on the form to a field on the list (so I can use those arrays when the form opens on the next step in the process without having to preserve all the rules from the previous step).

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    Alexander Bautz

    To change the tab you can use this snippet:


    The index is the tab index or the found in the Tab unique ID.

    To save an array of all hidden fields you can use this snippet:

    var arrOfHiddenFields = [];

    And to save an array of all required fields you can use this snippet:


    Please note that when using custom code to “drive the form logic” you may get some strange results when for example you toggle a tab and the internal functions in DFFS doesn’t know what fields are visible etc.


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    Keith Hudson

    Thanks for the prompt reply, Alex. I’m trying to figure out how to ‘reconstitute’ the hidden fields the next time my form opens from the list column where I saved the array of hidden fields (my column is name ‘luHiddenFields’). So far, I’ve got this much:

    var arrHiddenFields = getFieldValue(“luHiddenFields”).split(“,”);
    for (var i=0; i < arrHiddenFields.length;i++){
    var fieldId = “dffs_” + arrHiddenFields[i];
    This successfully hides the fields. However, I think I also need to update the object in order to be able to capture the list of hidden fields when I save the current tab (in case more fields have been hidden). How would I do that? Or, should I just append the new hidden fields to my array of hidden fields stored in my luHiddenFields column?

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    Alexander Bautz

    Are you combining this custom code with the use of rules to show or hide the fields? – if not, you can make it easier, but if you do you can just add these lines in your for-loop:[fieldId].hidden = true;[fieldId].hiddenBy.rule = true;


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