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    John Freemont


    I’m using SharePoint Online with DFFS and have a requirement to relate one list to another. Unfortunately the user experience requires the use of a multi-line description field from List A to relate to List B but using a Lookup column in List B it isn’t allowed to use a multi-line column.

    Can anyone help with how I can create an experience when the user is creating a new item or editing an item in List B where they can see the values in the multi-line column (DESCRIPTION in example below) to select from but the value of a calculated ID column (CALCULATEDID) is stored to link the two together?


    **LIST A**
    Blank Lorem Ipsum…. LISTA-001

    **LIST B**
    Blank Lorem Ipsum…. LISTA-001 Lorem Ipsum…


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    Alexander Bautz

    Sorry for the late reply. I’m not 100% sure I understand what you try to do. How long text are you planning to have in the multiline textfield? – it will be quite difficult for the user to pick the correct one from a dropdown if the text is super long?

    Are you using the multiline text only to identify the correct “mother” in list A, or do you want to replicate / show the text in list B?

    Maybe you can try this old solution? Read the comments about using it with DFFS.


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