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    Brent Caudill

    I am using a function call to set a number of field values via setFieldValue and am having difficulty getting a field that is part of a Cascading dropdown to update. I am using spjs-utility v1.183 w/DFFS 4.2

    Is there a trick to updating this field via setFieldValue? Or should I use a different method? I’ve tried a number of different jquery updates, but can’t quite get it to update.



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    Alexander Bautz

    The problem is that the field is actually a single line of text field (but the input is hidden), and the script generates a dropdown in its place. This means that using “setFieldValue” will set the single line of text field because the script “knows” this field is of type single line of text. You must therefore add another line of code to find the select and set its value “manually”.


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    David S Kaimann

    Hi there!

    I just wanted to add an additional comment / question on this topic. Basically, I’d like to leverage the same “idea” here when using the “Mutli” option. Here’s what I have / what I’m trying to do:

    Cascade 1: Project Status
    Cascade 2: Project Manager
    Cascade 3 (multi): Project Name

    Ideally, I want the last cascade to include a URL / Hyperlink that I’ve stored in a calculated column, but it the “multi” box doesn’t display or save the full URL. I’m fine storing just the “text”, but I’d really like to be able to be able to store the URL in <i>another field</i> if I can’t get the URL / Hyperlink to come through in the “multi” option. I’m basically trying to replicate the “Lookup” function in SharePoint for multiple values since it would let me add multiple links back to the other item (in a many to one relationship).

    I’ve attached screenshots as well.


    1. Cascade.docx
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    Alexander Bautz

    Sorry for the delay. I’m afraid this will not work with this solution as it is based on plain text multiline fields. This means that even if you managed to put the links in, list views would just display them as plain text – revealing the HTML code as text.


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