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    Jeff Lynch

    I have a set of rules that populate people picker fields.
    The bottom line use of this is that when the user checks a box, it puts the person into the field to use in a user correspondence – we have 5 different people listed in each item for different purposes, there are 5 checkboxes so that they can select who gets the corresponding alert.

    It works perfect to have two rules (both not reversible), that say if box is checked, set tempfield to field, and if box is not checked, set tempfield to blank.

    this works great for single user fields, but, if you have a multi-people-picker, it only works on the checked instance, when you uncheck, it only removes the last person in the list, not all of them.

    Is there a workaround that would remove all of the names and not just the last one on a multi-people picker?

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    Alexander Bautz

    The problem with trying to clear a multichoice people picker was fixed in SPJS-utility.js v1.319 in February 2018.


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