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    Adrian Blagg

    I just want to make sure I understand properly. Is it possible to easily apply form/rule definitions made in one list to another list. We made a duplicate of our production list as a sandbox to make sure changes worked the way we expected. I believe that, once I enable DFFS4 on the new list, I should be able to export the existing definitions and import them to the new list. Then I would =manually update what needs updating.

    TL;DR: Can I use form definitions from one list in another? If so, would it just require exporting the first list’s settings and importing in the new one (manually updating what needs manual updates)?

    Am I right, or is there something I’m missing/not completely understanding?

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    Alexander Bautz

    You can do export-import of configurations between lists as long as the FIELDINTERNALNAME of each field in your list is the same in both lists.

    If the lists are identical, you should not have to do anything manual other than import the config.


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    Adrian Blagg

    Thank you so much! I thought that was the case, but wanted verification before I messed with the production version.

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