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    Gerard Graham

    Hi there

    I’ve just recently upgraded to the latest version ( and CCDD v3.7.6) and I’m encountering problems with lists with multiple CCDD using the same source list. The first set up works fine, but the second one results in the form not fully loading (no tab interface, no rules executed) and all the fields are displayed. Tooltips are present and the first CCDD works. The second one thought has spinning dots beside the field labels. If I delete the first CCDD set up, the form loads correctly and the second one will work. If I add the deleted one back, the problem recurs.

    Any suggestions?



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    Gerard Graham

    Should also say that the source list has over 1400 items. It take it that could make an impact?


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    Alexander Bautz

    Sorry for the delay. Do you call the function manually from Custom JS or do you use the cascading dropdown tab in DFFS? Do you use the “dataSource” mode as described in the change log?

    Could you post a few screenshots so I can try to recreate it?

    Also, do you see any errors in the developer console (hit F12 > Console)?


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    Gerard Graham

    Thanks for the pointer. Got them working using the manual method but not using a datasource as each CCDD was using different source fields.



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