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    This looks like such a wonderful tool and I can’t wait to discover all that it can do. I am working with this on a task list that’s part of a workflow and have a few questions:

    1) Is it possible to hide the Task Outcome buttons based on the condition “compare logged in user with people picker field”? If someone opens the task item who isn’t the assignee, I don’t want them to see the approve/reject buttons.

    2) I am only displaying a few fields on the task list (Assignee, Due Date, Description), but I still have the “Show More”. Is it possible to hide that?

    3) Finally (and I apologize if someone has already asked this), but is it possible to left justify the fields? I have my fields on different rows, with labels on the left, but the fields don’t left justify to each other, they are just up against the label and zig zag down the page.

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    Alexander Bautz

    I’m glad you got it up and running.

    Use this code in the Custom JS in the Misc tab:

    function hideApprovalBtn(){

    Match this with a rule like in the attachment “RuleToHideTaskOutcome”.

    Add this to the Custom JS section in the Misc tab:


    Are you using side-by-side? – if so, take a look at this topic: https://spjsblog.com/forums/topic/css-to-line-up-side-by-side-fields/#post-6170


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    Thank you! All of these things worked great!!

    I’m going to play around with it over the next few days but I’m definitely going to recommend that we purchase and keep using this tool (and your support through the setup and my questions has been so helpful and much appreciated). Thanks again!

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