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    Joseph Mayo

    Feature Request – Can you add a field that allows us to set the color of the slider or css for it?

    One design we like is to make the boxes a solid color and the slider different colors to reflect the category the information falls under. We can do it by adding CSS but it is a pain. It would be nice to be able to just set the color in a field.

    Feature Request – Master List. We would love to have all our tile configs in a list off the root (one place to manage them). this also helps since we re use some tile bars over and over and having to copy the data from site to site is a pain.

    Issue – If you try to put 2 boxes under a long box you end up with a space (second small box aligns to column 2 instead of under the wide box).
    box 1 – 300 wide – 01-01
    box 2 – 150 wide – 01-02
    box 3 – 150 wide – 02-01
    box 4 – 150 wide – 02-02

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