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    I am using DFFS and would like to set a field value using a rule. The problem I have is that the field I wish to use is brought through as part of a look up. The primary lookup field is TOC – standing for Time off Category – and the additional field is called Absence Category. I have established that SharePoint is using the name TOC:Absence Category as the field name, with an internal name of TOC_x003a_Absence_x0020_Category. If I use that internal name in the rule that sets the value of a field called Category, all I get is the text {TOC_x003a_Absence_x0020_Category}. I have tried all sorts of combinations without success. I would appreciate your input to advise if this is possible.

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    Alexander Bautz

    If I understand your question correctly, this is not possible as these “extra” lookup column properties are only available in DispForm.

    Have you looked at the vLookup plugin? – this might be able to solve your problem.

    If not, you would need to write some custom code to get hold of the value from the “lookup list”.


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