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      Halim Lahoud

      I have 5 lists that are using DFFS and i need at each saves open the next one and prefill some value from the previous list in the new form.
      I redirect the save button to a new page using spjs.dffs.redirect
      is there a way to send parameters with the redirect that will be filled in the new form

      Thank you

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      Alexander Bautz

      You can do something like this in your parent form:

      var url = "/Sites/YourSite/Lists/YourList/NewForm.aspx?CustomKey1=First value&CustomKey2=Second value

      Then, in the child form add this in your Custom JS:

      setFieldValue("Your_target_field_1", GetUrlKeyValue("CustomKey1"));
      setFieldValue("Your_target_field_2", GetUrlKeyValue("CustomKey2"));

      Replace Your_target_field_1 and Your_target_field_2 with the internal name of the fields.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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