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      Bryan R Babbitt

      Hi Alex,
      My users have have been experiencing the dreaded whoa that took forever message or while the form is loading after a save, it just hangs. So I was wondering, by chance do you have an easy method already cooked up that would save the form data to local storage in event of a browser crash so that users will not loose the form data?

      Thanks Bryan

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      Alexander Bautz

      Which version of DFFS are you running? – I did have a problem in an earlier version where trying to save the form and receiving a validation error on for example a hyperlink field where you used a to long URL. In this case, you would not be able to save the form after correcting the URL.

      Regarding the save to localstorage:
      I don’t have anything ready, but it could be done. I do however think that there must be a reason for this behavior and think you should investigate it a bit first.

      If you are able to recreate it, you must hit F12 and look at the console when it happens – you will most likely find a clue there.


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