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      I have a complicated form that has a choice filed with Radio Buttons. It is not showing the circles to make a selection it is just showing the choices.
      This is only happening on a specialized portion of my Edit form.
      Attached is the Blob for this form.
      Any help figuring out why this will not allow choice would be appreciated.
      Thanks! Lana

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      Image of missing Selection attached.

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      Alexander Bautz

      Looking at your config it seems you have set this field readonly in the rule “ReadOnly”. This will hide the radio buttons and only show the option that are selected.

      I’m not sure why it looks like it does in your setup though – if it was readonly it should only show the selected option and not all – are these all the options (YES, NO and NR-Need Response)?

      I’m no sure, but it might be an issue with your Custom JS – try disabling it (copy it out to notepad and delete the Custom JS to test).


Viewing 2 reply threads
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