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      Alexander Bautz

      Here is a code snippet that you can use to show a PeoplePicker on a regular aspx web page in SharePoint. The example will show a PeoplePicker autocomplete, and a button that alerts the contents of the people picker. It doesn’t do anything other than that.

      <div id='customPeoplePicker' onkeydown='event.stopPropagation()' style='height:22px'></div>
      <div style="margin-top:10px;">
      Hit this button to get the PP value: <input type="button" onclick="getPPvalue();" value="Get PP value">
      <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.12.4/jquery.min.js"></script>
      <script src="/_layouts/15/clienttemplates.js"></script>
      <script src="/_layouts/15/clientforms.js"></script>
      <script src="/_layouts/15/clientpeoplepicker.js"></script>
      <script src="/_layouts/15/autofill.js"></script>
      <script type="text/javascript">
          function showPP() {
              var schema = {};
              schema.PrincipalAccountType = 'User,DL,SecGroup,SPGroup';
              schema.SearchPrincipalSource = 15;
              schema.ResolvePrincipalSource = 15;
              schema.AllowMultipleValues = true;
              schema.MaximumEntitySuggestions = 50;
              schema.Width = '350px';
              schema.Height = '55px';
              this.SPClientPeoplePicker_InitStandaloneControlWrapper("customPeoplePicker", null, schema);
          function getPPvalue() {
              var pp = SPClientPeoplePicker.SPClientPeoplePickerDict.customPeoplePicker_TopSpan, users = pp.GetAllUserInfo(), arr;
              // Get current PP values
              arr = [];
              jQuery.each(users, function (i, o) {

      You might need to change the src to the script if your page isn’t on the root of your site collection.


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