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    Andreas Blüher

    Hello Alexander,

    first of all I wanted to say that I really like the new dev config feature!

    We’re trying to remove all users from a spuserfield under certain circumstances. We found the following link descriping how to do so

    The field we’re trying to alter is been set readonly by dffs. Under the wood the values are sucessfully removed, but the form still shows the values as if they were there. When you save and close the form, noone is in the userfield anymore. So this seems to be a display issue.

    Do you have an idea how we could clear a readonly spuserfield or if there’s something we can do after running the code from the link to remove the text in the form.

    Kind regards,

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    Alexander Bautz

    I see that the built in setFieldValue fails to set a multiselect PP to blank – this will be fixed in the next release.

    To make your custom code update the readonly value, use this line:

    jQuery("#dffs_NAMEOFPEOPLEPICKER .dffs-readonly-inner").html("");

    Change “NAMEOFPEOPLEPICKER” for your PP name.


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