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      Bit of an obscure one here…related to this thread

      We’re using vlookup and DFFS, and under specific conditions we’re having problems with rich text fields in the child forms – we get the message “You must specify a value for this required field”, even if there is text entered in the box.

      The condition seems to be;
      -Parent form is in edit mode (everything works as expected from a disp form)
      -click on either edit, or new, on the vlookup field > child form dialog opens.
      -there are more than one multiline rich text fields on the child form (a single rich text field mixed with other field types is unaffected)
      -Rich text field is set as required in DFFS
      -Only the first multiline field on the child form is affected. Second onwards appear normally. If we change the field type of the topmost rich text field to plain text, the problem moves down to the new topmost rich text field

      As a temporary workaround we are changing all multiline text fields to plain text, but it would be nice to be able to use the full functionality. On this occasion we’re definitely in 32 bit Internet Explorer.

      Any ideas?


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      Alexander Bautz

      Sorry for the late reply. I did a test on my Office 365 dev site and cannot recreate it.

      I have a few questions:
      * Are you on SP 2010 or 2013?
      * Are you using “Rich text field” or “Enhanced rich text” fields?
      * Which version of DFFS and plugins are you using? (hover over the “Enhanced with DFFS” text and click “License and version information”.


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      Hi Alexander
      -We were primarily using “Rich Text” but “Enhanced Rich Text” also seems to be affected in the same way (appears as a plain text box without the edit icons above)
      -DFFS frontend: 4.4.1
      DFFS frontend CSS: 4.19/4.19
      Autocomplete: 1.4.7
      Cascading dropdowns: 3.528
      jQuery: 1.12.4
      Lookup: 1.1.5
      RM: not loaded
      SPJS-Utility: 1.267
      vLookup: frontend v2.2.76

      It’s just strange that from a parent dispform the issue doesn’t occur – it’s only when the parent is editable that the child form “opens” incorrectly.

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      Alexander Bautz

      Sorry for not replying earlier. I’m unfortunately not able to recreate this issue. I have set it up as you have described in a SP 2010 test site and used IE in “emulated IE 8 mode”.

      If anyone have more information that could help resolve it I’ll do my best to fix it.

      If you could possibly use (free tool) to record a small video of whats happening, I might pick up something. If this is an option you must email me the video as the attachment size here is to small.


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