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    Peter Giesselink

    I cannot prefill the time of a datefield. I’m using a formatspecifier [dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm] behind the To variable and only the date is prefilled correctly and the time is 00:00. Know issue? or do I something wrong?

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    Alexander Bautz

    Unfortunately the default functionality does not support setting the time portion of the Date and time field, but you can set the date and time by adding this to your Custom JS in the PARENT form:

    function vlookupAddChildPreCheck(fin){
      sessionStorage.setItem("vLookupDateVariable",JSON.stringify(getFieldValue("Date").split(/ |:/)));
      return true;

    Change Date to match your date field internal name.

    Then add this to the Custom JS of your CHILD form:

    if(sessionStorage.getItem("vLookupDateVariable") !== null){

    Change Date to match your date field internal name.


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