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    Gerard Graham

    I’m attempting to create a child record using vLookup to a list where I’m using the Cascading Drop down plug in (3.3). The new form displays correctly but I can’t prefill the field I want which happens to be the first of the two dropdown fields. I can set a simple text field to the desired value but not the field referenced in the cascading drop down. Is there some way of achieving this?

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    Alexander Bautz

    Sorry for the late reply. This has to do with timing. The cascading dropdowns are created before the vLookup sets the field, and therefore the cascading dropdowns will not pick up this value.

    If you have configured the cascading dropdowns “manually” (not using DFFS) you can wrap the call to this function in this code:

    function vLookupPresetFromUrlDone(fin){
      if(fin === "TheFieldInternalNameOfTheFieldYouAreSetting"){
        // put the cascading dropdown code here.

    If you are using DFFS, try deferring DFFS (in the Misc tab) to try to let vLookup finish before it triggers.

    Hope this helps,

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    Gerard Graham

    THank. Deferring DFFS worked!

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