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    Sebastian Ganson

    Hi Alex, first off thanks for all of your hard work creating and maintaining this fantastic product!

    I may have discovered an issue due to a mistake on my part. When I created a vLookup, I accidentally left a completely blank row at the end of the ViewFields list in the configuration for the field, ie. “Field:”, “Width:”, etc. were all blank. I overlooked it initially because I assumed it was a “blank” placeholder for a new entry, and the vLookup configuration saved successfully. I learned this wasn’t the case later through trial and error as I was trying to figure out why my vLookup results were not rendering in the forms/list. When I finally deleted the blank row, the vLookup worked as expected. I was able to repeat this behavior with other vLookups, including “blank” rows in the middle of the list of ViewFields, etc.

    Nothing major, and you may already be aware of this, but perhaps adding some validation to ensure required fields for this setting are populated?

    Dynamic Forms for SharePoint DFFS Backend v4.3.72|CSS version: 4.15 / 4.15|spjs-utility version: 1.264

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Alexander Bautz

    Thanks for the feedback. I wasn’t aware of this issue and will fix it in the next version.

    Best regards,

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