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      Is it possible to override the behavior of the Close button on a DispForm?

      Current behavior: Close directs user to default listview for the list.
      Desired behavior: Close button does functional equivalent of the “Back” button

      background: Im using heavily calculated urls as the link for items in lists, when I clink on the link the DispForm opens, and via DFFS does all the behaviors I need. Im presenting a linked list of items (eg “Issues”) from the DispForm of the parent program. – if I click on the issue and go to its’ Dispform, on close I’d like to return to the dispform of the parent program – and not the default view of the Issues list.

      I cant extend my calculated url with Source= because the list of issues is presented from multiple places in a hierarchial structure (eg Initiative / Program / Workstream / SubStream) – each with its own dispform – so the calculated url in the Issue doesn’t know which parent invoked it.

      Thanks for any insight!

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      Alexander Bautz

      Try this in the custom js in DFFS:



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      That did it perfectly! Thanks so much.

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