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      William Summers

      Good day. When I create a number data type, I place text in the field and try to save the record I get the error (only numbers are allowed) but when I then place a number in that field after removing the text I cannot save it. I also tried a text field with column validation and still the same thing.

      create number field
      edit a record
      place text in number field
      get error
      place numbers in number field
      try to save


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      William Summers

      Dynamic Forms for SharePoint DFFS Backend v4.4.3.42|CSS version: 4.42 / 4.42|spjs-utility version: 1.323
      – forgot to include this

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      Alexander Bautz

      This bug is fixed in v4.4.3.45 – published a few days ago. It’s caused by the same as I describe in the change log as:

      Fixed a bug related to saving a form when you got a validation error on for example a hyperlink field where you used a to long URL. In this case, you would not be able to save the form after correcting the URL.

      See the change log her:


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      William Summers

      Thank you sir.

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