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      Lara Salvador

      Hi, I run with an issue since yesterday,everything was working normally but suddenly , when I tried to call the new item action it sent me to the normal new item screen , not the one from DFFS, the same in the edit option.
      Then I changed to sharepoint classic experience and it works normally , this issue only shows in the list views.
      Also I made a test in the New Experience option , but calling the list view from a sharepoint page and it works.Only when I call the item from the view and I’m not inside another page, the normal edit or new form are showed not the DFFS.
      What could have been changed in my side that I can check to solve this?

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      Alexander Bautz

      This is an error that was introduced by Microsoft a few months back for the “first release customers” and I (and others) reported this as a bug. They promised to fix it in the public release as noted in this message center article:

      Unfortunately, they have failed to honor this in the release – (and they have been notified).

      This said, it is a simple solution, just update to the latest version of DFFS and use the v2 installer and it will ensure it works.

      To fix your existing forms without having to uninstall and reinstall all DFFS forms you can run the script found here:

      Let me know if you have any questions.


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      Lara Salvador

      Thanks , so much , this works perfect.
      Have an excellent day.

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