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      Yucel Cagri

      I think it is obvious but just wanted to ask to make sure I am not missing something obvious. There is no way to add a document to a folder from within vLookup, is there ?

      On day-to-day use, users tend to open a folder under vLookup, and try to upload documents and those end up in top level folder.If an entry has more than a handful of documents, and when they ask for folders I find myself having to disable Add New feature to avoid confusion.

      Am I doing it right ?

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      Alexander Bautz

      It is possible in SP2013 to specify the folder (not currently activated in vLookup), or you can browse to the correct folder in the upload dialog.

      It might be better to disable add new document, and use the link to the right of the folder name to open the folder in a new tab – and then use this to upload the documents the normal SharePoint way.

      Will this work?


Viewing 1 reply thread
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