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    Is there an easy way to identify when a :multi cascading dropdown value has changed? Multiple Lines of Text fields are not available in the trigger rules. I need to identify when an item has been added or removed and if a specific option has been selected in order to hide/show fields/tabs.

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    Alexander Bautz

    I haven’t been able to add the multiline field as a trigger yet, but you can add this to your Custom JS:

    var currMultiVal = getFieldValue("YOUR_FIELDINTERNAL_NAME");
        var val = getFieldValue("YOUR_FIELDINTERNAL_NAME");
        if(currMultiVal !== val){
            currMultiVal = val;
            if(val.indexOf("Magic option value") > -1){
                alert("Contains the magic option value!");

    Where I have added the alerts you can insert your code, call a function or trigger a rule.


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