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    Brandon W Green

    Searched few quite a number of LookUp threads and was unable to find my solution, likely due to my ignorance and am hoping it is a quick fix.

    I have a LookUp column on my New Form that the user selects an ID from a secondary list. This creates the desired, linked touch point on the Display Form – however, I need this same link to be available on the Edit Form.

    Issue: I can bring the content in, but converting to Read Only removes the linked function of the LookUp content.

    Is there a way to display this link on the Edit form that I am completely overlooking?

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    Alexander Bautz

    When setting a lookup item as readonly in EditForm you only get the text and note the link. I have created a snippet you can use to hide the dropdown select and insert a link to the selected list item, but keep in mind that if you let the user open a child item, he might very well forget to save the changes in the original form.

    function getLookupItemLinkInEditForm(fin){
        var opt, id, title, url;
        opt = jQuery("#dffs_"+fin+" option:selected");
        id = opt.val();
        title = opt.text();
        url = "https://contoso.sharepoint.com/sites/thesite/lists/thelist/DispForm.aspx?id="+id;
        jQuery("#dffs_"+fin+" select").hide().after("<a style='cursor:pointer;' onclick='openLookupItemInDlg(\""+url+"\");'>"+title+"</a>");
    function openLookupItemInDlg(url){
            if(a === 1){
                // Item was edited in the dialog

    Change “https://contoso.sharepoint.com/sites/thesite/lists/thelist” to reflect the path to the list where the lookup item is located.


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