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    Bob Hornak

    Hi Alexander,
    I have a list with 6 vlookup columns, on the forms each vlookup is on it’s own tab. When you click on each respective Tab it loads the corresponding vlookup field and will “cache” the results, as when I return to that tab a second time, it does not re-query and to refresh data you must click the “refresh” icon. – Which works as expected!

    I would like to trigger the vlookup initial load for all 6 vlookup columns when the form loads.
    I have tried using “spjs.vLookup._init(“vLookupAddress”,false,true);“, but when I click on the tab the first time, it still re-queries the vlookup.

    Any thoughts on how to load vlookup fields in the background as the form loads?


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    Alexander Bautz

    The vLookup script is configured to not render the vLookup until the field is visible so you must use code like this to show the field, trigger the script and then hide it again:


    Replace vLookupTasks with your field name.


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