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    Joey Gladden

    We have a parent site X with a child site Y. We installed DFFS in the parent site and enabled DFFS on lists in the child site. Child site Y does not inherit permissions from the parent. What permissions would I need to grant on the DFFS library to allow a user who only has permissions in the child site?

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    Joey Gladden

    I think I have my solution. I granted read access on the DFFS library in the parent site to a SP group in the child site. So far it is working now.

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    Alexander Bautz

    Yes this should work, but you could also duplicate the SPJS document library and install DFFS locally in the subsite to avoid having to grant read access to the root site.

    If you have a site collection license (or a company license) you just add the license code in one of the DFFS enabled forms om the subsite to activate it.


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