Limits on number of tabs or number of Rules in a form?

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      Eric Dickerson

      Are there any limits on the number of tabs or the number of rules that can be created on one form?

      I have a design I am working on that would involve having a form with around 100 tabs… this is because we would be tracking multiple points of data on about 100 products. I know I could develop rules to show hide this on one tab, but I may want different organization (order, side by side, etc) as well as different headings, etc.

      Having this many tabs would also mean I would have at least this many rules… maybe up to 2-3x this many rules.

      I know this may be “pushing on the envelope” a little, but is there any programatic limitation to the number of tabs or rules?

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      Alexander Bautz

      There is not hard limit, but this sounds like you maybe should split this up in multiple forms. If this is not an option you must at least use a modern browser (not Internet Explorer) to configure the form because the DFFS backend will be a bit heavy with all these rules.


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