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    I recently installed v4.4.3.42, April 15, 2018 on a SP 2013 site. It all appears to work correctly, except my users started having this issue:
    1. They would (unknowingly) add a link in a Hyperlink field that was too long for the field, then click save
    2. They would get an error message indicating it was too long
    3. They would remove the link from the field or try to make it shorter, then click Save
    4. They would continue to get the error message, even though they removed the link completely or made it shorter, and the form would never save

    I tested this myself and found it to be true.

    I did a test and reverted the form back to DFFS_2018-03-18 and ran the test above; I was able to take all steps above, and once I corrected the link, the form saved. I returned the same form to April 15, 2018, issue appeared again.

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    Alexander Bautz

    Thanks for the detailed error description. I have successfully recreated this issue in my Office 365 dev site and will get it fixed.


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