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    Ezra Goodnoe

    I am struggling to configure a form so that when I select an option in a drop down, two fields respond – one gives choices (one to many) the other auto-populates (one to one). Eg. I have a list with organizational structure (managers) and associated teams and I want the user to be able to select a Level 1 Manager and have one field return as a dropdown of 2nd-level Managers and another text field automatically display the name of the team that Level 1 Manager ‘owns’. I also want this behavior for 2nd and 3rd-level managers. Is this possible or am I asking too much of the plug-in?

    This could be asked more generally in the following way:

    Given the following fields: Field1,Field2,Field3,Field4,Field5,Field6
    And the following relationships:
    I want the following behavior:
    select from Field1: Field2 autopopulates and Field3 returns filtered list of values

    The root question is: how would I configure the sections in the Cascading Dropdowns tab to accommodate this?

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    Alexander Bautz

    This cannot be done without the use of some custom js. I’m currently on holiday, but can help you with this code when I return home in about 10 days. Please email me some screenshots of your lists (both the org structure and the form you are trying to configure) so I can set it up in my test site.


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    I would also be interested in this solution. Thank you for your help.

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    Alexander Bautz

    Look at this post which describes how you can create cascading dropdowns by chaining together multiple SPJS-Lookup fields:


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