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    Eric Dickerson

    I have just migrated a site from OnPrem to 365 and in doing so upgraded to the most recent DFFS version. One difference I am seeing is that vLookups that allowed add item on a list view now show the query results. On the old site this was not the case.

    Is there a way to NOT show the Query Results in the list view?

    I guess I could create a second vLookup and have the query never return any results and show that column on my list view, then have the vLookup that I want to show the results in the form be a different column that would be only in the form.

    Any way to do this with the same vLookup?

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    Alexander Bautz

    I cannot remember that this was an option in earlier versions of vLookup – and it is not possible now either. Could it be that your old site had a custom button and not the button added by vLookup itself?


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    Eric Dickerson

    This was set up on an on premise site, DFFS v4.4.3.10 as a vLookup and only showed the button. See screen shots attached.

    So there is no way to keep the query results from showing in the list view. However, my workaround of having 2 vLookups, one that will never have any query results (some query link ID = Zero) and use that one for the list button, then another one to use in form that would show the query results is my only option. Thanks

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