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      Anne Maki


      My apologies if this question has been answered already. I created a copy of one of our existing SharePoint lists and built DFFS forms on top of that copy. I now want to export the DFFS forms I set up in this copy onto our original SharePoint list. Is this possible? If so, what are the steps to go about this.

      Thank you!

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      Keith Hudson

      I’ll call your original list A and your new list B, and I’ll use the new form (newform.aspx) by way of example. Make sure you have applied DFFS to the newform on list B. Open the DFFS config for the newform on both lists, A and B. On list A, open the configuration page called “Import, Export and Restore”. Choose the Export button. Copy the code that is shown, then on list B, open the Import, Export and Restore configuration page, click the “Import” button, and paste in the code on your clipboard. Click the Save or Import button (I don’t remember exactly what the button is called off the top of my head) and your configuration is now applied to the newform of List A. Make sure to save the configuration. Rinse and repeat for each form on which you are using DFFS.

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