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    Kelvin Reu


    I have an ac-field like this:

        "applyTo": "lvmPartner1",
        "helpText": "Wählen Sie einen Vertragspartner aus...",
        "listGuid": "{7FB1616E-630C-4FFF-9929-818980E38C8C}",
        "listBaseUrl": "/ccdev",
        "showField": "FirstName",
        "multiselect": true,
        "multiselectSeperator": ";",
        "enforceUniqueValues": true,
        "rowLimit": 15,
        "preloadData": true,
        "listOptionsOnFocus": true,
        "minLengthBeforeSearch": 3,
        "reValidateOnLoad": false,
        "allowAddNew": true,
        "isLookupInSelf": false

    By loading the form, this error shows up:

    DFFS There is an error in the Custom JS textarea:
    TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined

    Whern I change multiselect to false, it works correctly but of course without multiselect.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Alexander Bautz

    Try adding the missing configuration options like shown here:

    If you still get the error, please use Google Chrome and click the link to the right of the error, then click the {} symbol in the bottom left corner of the “Source” tab to “pretty print” the code and then take a screenshot I might be able to figure it out.


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