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      William Summers

      Good day to you sir.
      Is it possible to use the email and print option that would send an email with a direct link to the attachment in a record? I don’t want to physically attach them item, just give the end user the ability to click a link in the received email that would go directly to that records attachments.


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      Alexander Bautz

      The emails are sent when the form is saved so if you put this in your Custom JS:

      // Define the variable so it is accessible to the email
      var attLink = "";
      function dffs_PreSaveAction() {
          // Get the attachments
          attLink = getFieldValue("Attachments").join("<br>");
          return true;

      Then you use this in your email body:


      Please note that if you already have a function named dffs_PreSaveAction in your Custom JS you must merge then into one.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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