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    Jon Code


    I have setup custom forms for NewItem/DisplayItem and EditItem for a calendar. As part of its function I would like to email a user the details when a form is created or edited.
    I presently have in the body of the email and Print the following html:

    <p> Start Date {Start Time}<br> End Date {End Time}<br> Category {Category} </p>

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    What I receive in the email is this:
    Start Date {Start Time}
    End Date {End Time}
    Category Union Business

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    As you can see above the category is filled in but not the Start Time and End Time fields.
    Start Time and End Time are standard calendar fields so I am not sure why they are not displaying correctly.


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    Double check your field names – they should be the internal names, not the display names (see the fields tab in DFFS config and copy/paste for best results).
    In SP2010 the internal names for start time and end time in calendars aren’t entirely logical;
    EventDate for start time, so use {EventDate}
    EndDate for end time, so use {EndDate}

    I don’t know if that holds true for later versions of SharePoint, but it’s a good place to start looking.


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    Jon Code

    Yes the Field Tab helped sort that out.

    Start Time – EventDate
    End Time – EndDate

    Thanks for your help!

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