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    Maciek Grischke

    I tried this feature today and I assume I can send myself an email of the active tab, but I didn’t receive any email at all.

    I’m still using an older version v4.4.3.45 – any idea what can be wrong?

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    Alexander Bautz

    Have you checked this checkbox in the E-Mail and Print tab: Use custom list with workflow to send E-Mails?

    If so, please ensure you have set up the workflow to send the email. If you have this unchecked it might be an issue with the REST endpoint for sending emails – is your site in office 365 or locally installed?


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    Maciek Grischke

    I didn’t tick this option since I thought it would work without it on my Office 365.

    I am configuring the workflow now so I can test all options. I wonder if it would work with MS Flow hmm.

    Can you explain what those workflow conditions actually meant do?

    Please look at the email I got when I include “appended” noted field.

    How to troubleshoot this so maybe I don’t have to use the workflow?


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    Alexander Bautz

    You can use a FLOW in the DFFS_EMail list if you like. I’m not sure I understand your question about the workflow conditions – can you clarify?

    Also, the image – is it send from DFFS email current tab?


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    Maciek Grischke

    Hi Alexander,

    What I meant by conditions was:

    If Variable:Stop is Yes

    I’m just not sure what they do.

    Yes, this picture was from “email current tab” – the image you see next to my name is something to do with “my presence” – normally when you click on my name, you will be taken to Delve page about my profile.

    By default, there’s a small white square next to people’s name, when the email is sent, this white square becomes this huge image.

    This is the element when I click to inspect it:

    No presence information

    I can’t seem to paste this bit of code. Let me try again:

    <i m g name="imnmark" class="ms-spimn-img ms-spimn-presence-disconnected-10x10x32" title="" showofflinepawn="1" src="/_layouts/15/images/spimn.png?rev=46" alt="No presence information" sip="grischke@domain" id="imn_5410,type=sip" data-themekey="#">

    I also tried with FLOW and the issue with the image is the same.

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    Alexander Bautz

    The problem is that the image is a large imagemap and the correct icon is selected by using a span with a fixed viewport and a top and left offset. I’ll have to look into it to see if I can remove it from the emailed HTML. You could use a snippet like this to remove it from the tab before the email function is run:



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    Maciek Grischke


    I also added this bit to remove the gap left in front of the name.


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