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    Tom McErlain

    Hi Alex,

    Was hoping to pick your brains on what must be the holy grail of project management in SharePoint – and worth many (at least 10) beers.

    = Comparative priority lists in SharePoint (batch update a numbered priority across all items in a list).

    I.e. In a dedicated list field (column), give an item a priority (1 to n), and have all the other existing items adjust relative to that items priority value. (Similar to the way column ordering works in the list view editing page).

    I know this can be done using a depressingly-long workflow / event handler, though was wondering if your crazy javascript powers could build a slicker solution for sites where SPD is blocked.

    200% beer bonus if you know a way to incorporate a jqueryui.com/sortable/ style interface without using a data view web part (have to love restrictive SP environments).

    Best Regards,


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    Tom McErlain

    ***Sorry Alexander – mistakenly posted the same query twice – please feel free to delete this post string****

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    Tom McErlain

    Hi Alexander,

    Please disregard this request – I missed a solution posted to Marc’s SPServices forum:

    Hope you didn’t spend any time on this; let me know if you did and beers are owed!

    All the best,


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