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      Eric Dickerson

      Alexander, I am sure that this is out there somewhere in the forum already… but when I searched I could not find anything that led to an answer.

      I just want to add DFFS to a calendar list.

      I see you reference this link, but #Support_for_Calendar_list is not an active link at this point: https://spjsblog.com/dffs/dffs-installation-manual/#Support_for_Calendar_lists

      This is in the PDF manual:

      Support for Calendar lists For some reason Microsoft have disabled the JSLink / Client side rendering in SharePoint calendars. To be able to use this solution in a calendar, you must add the field “DFFS Loader by SPJSBlog.com” as for the other list types, and then refer the script file “DFFS_NoJSLink.js” in NewForm, DispForm and EditForm. This can be done by editing the page and adding a script editor web part, or by updating the script tag in the file “/SPJS/DFFS/jslink/DFFS_CalendarLoader.html” and using a CEWP to link to the file using the “Content link” option. Do not add the script tag directly to the CEWP source code.

      Trying the above I have the following questions:

      1) when adding the field “DFFS Loader by SPJSBlog.com” I notice that if I leave “add to all content types” checked, I will see the field in the forms, if I uncheck that box, it will not show in the forms… which is correct when adding this field?

      2) The instructions quoted above seem to be saying there is 2 ways to do this;
      A) via script editor web part, on each form, that refers to the “DFFS_NoJSLink.js” file.
      B) via content editor web part, on each form, who’s Content link url is populated with the location: “/SPJS/DFFS/jslink/DFFS_CalendarLoader.html”. In this option the script tag in this file must be updated.

      3) For 2a above… What snippet text should be in the script editor to reffer the form to the “DFFS_NoJSLink.js” file?

      4) For 2b above… Specifically what changes need to be made to the DFFS_CalendarLoader.html file?

      Many thanks!!!

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      Alexander Bautz

      Where did you find this info about using DFFS in a calendar? the installation method that was not supported in a calendar was the “DFFS Loader by SPJSBlog.com field” used in the old “JSLink” installation and is no longer the recommended installation method.

      When using the DFFS Installer you should be able to add it to a calendar as you do with other lists.


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      Eric Dickerson

      The instructions were from an old PDF a co-worker had: SPJSBlog.com
      DFFS: JSLink Configuring DFFS with JSLink on SP2013 Alexander Bautz July 06, 2015

      I will give the recommended method a try, thanks.

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