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      Celeste Garcia

      I have a requirement to allow users to add their name to a multi people picker field by clicking a button in DispForm. Is this possible? I have tried several approaches and cannot find a way to update a record form DispForm….

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      Alexander Bautz

      You can add this code to the Custom JS in your DispForm:

      function addMeToPP(){
          var item, currPP, newPP, uItem;
          item = spjs.utility.getItemByID({"listName":_spPageContextInfo.pageListId,"id":spjs.dffs.data.thisItemID,"viewFields":["PeoplePicker2"]});
          currPP = item.PeoplePicker2;
          if(currPP.indexOf(_spPageContextInfo.userId+";#") === 0 || currPP.indexOf(";#"+_spPageContextInfo.userId+";#") > -1){
              alert("Your have already been added to this field.");
              newPP = currPP+";#"+_spPageContextInfo.userId+";#";
              uItem = spjs.utility.updateItem({"listName":_spPageContextInfo.pageListId,"id":spjs.dffs.data.thisItemID,"data":{"PeoplePicker2":newPP}});

      You must change “PeoplePicker2” with the field internal name of your field.

      Then add this code to a “HTML section” in one of your tabs:

      <input type="button" value="Add me to the PP" onclick="addMeToPP()" />

      Let me know how this works out.


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