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      Dirk Loehn

      We have an odd cosmetic issue with the field tooltips for date fields that we have enhanced with jquery UI datepicker (see screenshot)

      If we add the jquery datepicker to the date Control, the field tooltip is not rendered anymore. If we don’t add the jquery datepicker, the tooltip renders just fine

      We are using the Apr. 5 2016 Version DFFS 4.365

      Datepicker Definition in custom JS

      function initDatePickerLayout(){
      var dp8 = $(“#dffs_cmDateExpiration”).find(“input”);
      dp8.datepicker({showWeek: true,changeMonth: true,numberOfMonths: 3,changeYear: true,firstDay: 1});

      This is not totally critical, but maybe you have an idea right away?

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      Alexander Bautz

      I tested now and cannot make the tooltip icon disappear when using the DatePicker widget. How are you calling the “initDatePickerLayout” function?


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      Dirk Loehn

      Hi Alexander, the problem has been located, it is between my 2 ears 🙂

      I have used a line to hide the default datepicker Image

      this – as I now understand – also removed the tooltip image. Now I’m using


      So sorry for you having to look into this, and thanks for the support.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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