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      Navya Marla

      Hi Alex,

      I have a custom list having 2 new forms.How can i configure DFFS for 2 new forms?


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      Alexander Bautz

      Sorry, but DFFS only supports the one default form and cannot be used with SharePoint Designer modified forms.

      What are you using the two different forms for? – maybe you could use DFFS to configure the two variants of the form?


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      Robb Merchant

      Hey Alexander,

      This conversation is a bit old, but I am looking for a way to direct users to different forms/views from different links.

      So, if they click link1 they are sent to newform1; if they click on link2 they go to newform2.

      how can I do this?

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      Alexander Bautz

      You cannot have multiple NewForms, but you can have different DFFS configs by using different links to your form – look at this section in the user manual: https://spjsblog.com/dffs/dffs-user-manual/#Using_different_DFFS_configurations_in_the_same_form

      By using this approach, you can configure one form to use one set of fields, and another with a totally different set of fields – both saving data in the same list.


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