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      Julie Concialdi

      Hello – I am setting up forms using the latest version of DFFS. As I add additional tabs and rules, DFFS is running slower and slower. I had this same issue with one of the older DFFS versions until I could not even access DFFS Backend any longer. I was advised to download the newest DFFS version and use it. I work on a U.S. Trust Band 7 Managed Laptop with IE Version: 11.00.9600.16428. I am unable to use Google Chrome because of the UST B7 build, apparently Chrome is not compatible with the UST build. Is there anything I can do speed up DFFS Backend outside of Google Chrome?

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      Alexander Bautz

      I’m sorry for the late reply – I’ve been busy investigating a few bugs related to the latest release.

      Unfortunately the DFFS backend runs a bit slow on IE – especially when used on SP 2007 or 2010 as these SharePoint versions forces IE into either “quirks mode” (SP 2007) or “IE 8 mode” (SP 2010).

      If you are unable to use a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox you might be able to speed up IE 11 by bringing up the developer console (hit F12) and setting “Document mode” and “User agent string” to IE 11 in the “Emulation” tab.

      Please note that these changes only stick as long as the dev console is open.

      Let me know how this works out.

      Best regards,

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