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      Probably the most insignificant bug report but…

      I’ve just updated to and testing has all gone well but the version numbers shown are inconsistent.

      Text File:
      /DFFS/js/DFFS_backend.min.js v4.4.4.6
      /DFFS/js/DFFS_frontend.min.js v4.4.4.6
      /DFFS/plugins/spjs-rm.js v2.4.5
      /DFFS/plugins/spjs-vLookup_frontend.js v2.2.136
      /DFFS/plugins/spjs-vLookup_backend.js v2.2.136

      DFFS Settings Page:
      Dynamic Forms for SharePoint v4.4.4.6 – August 29, 2019|CSS version: 4.47 / |spjs-utility version: 1.336
      – by Alexander Bautz / SPJSBlog.com


      Version information at the bottom of a form:
      DFFS frontend:
      DFFS frontend CSS: 4.46 /
      Autocomplete: 1.6.36
      Cascading dropdowns: 3.7.30
      jQuery: 1.12.4
      Lookup: 1.1.17
      Resource management: not loaded
      SPJS-Utility: 1.336
      vLookup: 2.2.127

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      Alexander Bautz

      I suspect your have an older installed version linked in the frontend of your form. Please use the Local installer to uninstall and reinstall the new version of DFFS in the form.

      PS: Uninstalling and reinstalling will not remove your forms DFFS config – it will pop back when you reinstall DFFS because it is stored in a separate list in the site.


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