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      Keith Hudson

      We have the following use case, where the ability to add a Delete icon to the vLookup table on a parent form would be beneficial to us.

      Seat reservation system, consisting of a parent list (reservation tool), a seat inventory list (contains seat #, Year, Month and day columns — prepopulated for several months in advance), and a seat confirmation list.

      On the new form of the Reservation Tool, the user enters the month in which s/he needs a seat, and the vLookupSeatInventory field on the form shows all available seat/date combinations from the SeatInventory list for chosen month.

      The user then creates a seat confirmation record (through vlookup to the Seat Confirmation list), AND DELETES the relevant records from the seat inventory.

      How hard would it be to add a “Delete” icon to the vlookup table so a single click would be all that is required to remove the child record from the Seat Inventory list?

      I can imagine many other use cases where removing inventory from a related list could be very useful.

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      Alexander Bautz

      Have you looked at this thread?


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