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      Hi Alexander –
      Am looking to implement a semi bill of materials type structure for a dependency type construct

      Parent list: “Deliverables” (imagine a list of business deliverable for a team”
      Child List: “Dependencies” this list defines the predecessor / successor relationship between two deliverables. Using Vlookup to created the parent child relationship between Deliverables –> Dependencies. “dependencies” has a standard SP Lookup for the related (subordinate) Deliverable called “Related Deliverable”. All works perfectly.

      Use Case: is I would like to filter the list of Deliverables presented in the “Related Deliverables” lookup based on another lookup (or text) field in the child/Dependency listitem that is in context (CurrentItem} in EditForm or NewForm

      Deliverables list has approx 600 items in it, which is a bother to scroll through
      The field I want to use to filter should cut it down to a max of 20 or so.
      The field I want to use to filter is NOT a multi select – and using the same underlying SP list as the source for the lookup in both the Deliverables list, and the Dependency list

      Sorry if this is too much of a ‘how too’ – and thanks for all of your support over the years!

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      Alexander Bautz

      I created this simple filter for a multilookup field – maybe you can use it as a starting point and see what you can do.

      Add this to your Custom JS:

      function filterMultiLookup(elm, fin) {
          var s = jQuery(elm).text().toLowerCase();
          if (s === "") {
          } else {
      function applyMultiLookupFilter(fin) {
          var s = jQuery("#filter_" + fin).text().toLowerCase();
          jQuery("#dffs_" + fin + " select:first option").each(function() {
              if (jQuery(this).text().toLowerCase().match(s) || jQuery(this).val() === "0") {
                  if (jQuery(this).parent().is("span")) {
              } else {
                  if (!jQuery(this).parent().is("span")) {
                      jQuery(this).prop("selected", false).wrap("<span>").hide();
      function addFilterToMultilookup(fin) {
          jQuery("#dffs_" + fin).find("").prepend("<div style='margin-bottom:4px;'><div id='filter_" + fin + "' placeholder='Type here to filter the list...' class='customFilter customFilterEmpty' contenteditable='true' onkeydown='if(event.keyCode===13){applyMultiLookupFilter(\"" + fin + "\");return false;}' onkeyup='filterMultiLookup(this,\"" + fin + "\")'></div><input type='button' onclick='applyMultiLookupFilter(\"" + fin + "\")' value='Filtrer' /></div>");

      Just change the fieldinternalname in the addFilterToMultilookup function call in the last line.

      Also add this to your Custom CSS:

      /* Filter over multilookup */
          padding:2px 4px;
          border:1px silver solid;
      .customFilterEmpty::before {
          content: attr(placeholder);
          color: #c5c5c5;


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