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    Phil Meacham

    Evening, apologies if this has been reported previously, I’ve searched and been back over 3 pages but I can’t see anything that relates to this…

    I’ve set up the Charts script but I can’t get it to show on internet explorer. It works perfectly on Google Chrome but it just won’t load on internet explorer.

    I’m using internet explorer 11 and the latest version of the library.

    Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.



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    Chris Diltz

    Phil, I’ve experienced the same and noticed it only works when running as IE9 or IE10 (compatibility meta tag). I’m running IE11 and noticed my master page was running the IE8 compatibility tag so I created a copy of the master and changed the tag to IE10.

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    Phil Meacham

    Thanks for this Chris, I have an intranet site on the same SharePoint that I tried to do this with there along with the Edge tag as I wanted it to be a little responsive. However, it messed lots of things up. For example, if you try to use a people picker field, unless you get the name first time, you can’t select a name.

    Also, the data picker field wouldn’t work as it was supposed to.

    Do you experience any issues like this with the IE10 tag?



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    Alexander Bautz

    Unfortunately IE8 document mode does not play well with this version. Could you try using document compatibility mode for IE9 to see if this plays better with the PP and the datepicker?


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