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      All of my tabs changed to Blue with the new version of DFFS – I would like to change them back and I have tried to add the Hex, RGB and name to the Tab color override and the tab stays Blue no matter what I do. Any suggestions?

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      Oh – looks like the selected tab is blue – I can change the unselected tab color. How do I change the selected tab color from blue to some other color. (I only had one tab at first so I was confused by the selected tab color…)

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      Alexander Bautz

      To do this globally you must edit the “main” CSS file “DFFS_frontend.css” located where you have your DFFS files.

      To do it in one form, add this to the Custom CSS:

      ul.tabRowLast li.tabSelected a{
      	background-color:#00ff00 !important;


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Viewing 2 reply threads
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