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      Diego Barrientos

      Hi Aalex,

      We have an issue with a cascade field when trying to use a change function:

      $(‘#Trainer_casc’).change(function () {
      alert(‘Trigger on Trainer’);
      trainerSelected = $(‘#Trainer_casc option:selected’).text();

      The change function never gets triggered but if we use a SPJS-Lookup field it works.

      Any idea?

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      Alexander Bautz

      The element with ID “Trainer_casc” doesn’t exist when you run this code so you should change it like this:

      $("#dffs_Trainer").on("change","select",function () {
          alert("Trigger on Trainer");
          trainerSelected = $("#Trainer_casc option:selected").text();

      You could however just set up a rule to change on the “Trainer” field instead – did you try that?


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