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      Eric Dickerson

      Not a question here… just a discovery and a suggestion for updating your manual.

      In the Cascade Dropdowns manual it does not list calculated fields as an option for the lookup list field type… I just happened to discover that it works on that field type.

      Here is my situation:
      Subject list “Expenses” with a cascade dropdown set up on Edit form.

      Lookup list “Accounts” with “Choice1”, “Choice2”, “Title”, “Budget” fields on it.

      Choice1 and Choice2 are the only fields needed for the cascade, but I added the Title and Budget field to the cascade so that data for the selected item would show.

      As you know Currency type fields will not work in Cascade Dropdowns. So I tested creating a Calculated Column that was calculating: =[Budget]. Calc Column type Single line of text… works fine…. change Calc Column to Currency… still works, but no currency sign and multiple points past the decimal.

      The missing symbol and multiple decimal positions is no problem to fix with additional JS code.

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      Alexander Bautz

      Thanks for letting me know – I have updated the manual.


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