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      Gerard Graham

      Hi there

      I have a list and child library arrangement. When a new document is added a WF renames the document to add the ID so that every document name is unique in the library.

      When a new document is added via the parent list in the vLookup I get a save conflict if I don’t save the properties of the document before the WF finishes. Is there a way of suppressing/bypassing the edit form when a new document is loaded.



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      I’ve done something similar to this but without using workflow – I use a DFFS rule ‘on save’ on the editform in combination with a couple of other rules to check and set the filename based on other fields/values.

      As this is a document library, I think the ID will be generated after newform is submitted, so when you get to the editform to add metadata the ID for the document will exist, and so you should be able to use it in a rule and set the filename to whatever you want it to be (just be careful to avoid a circular loop adding the ID each time to a filename that already has the ID included).
      In my editform I set the filename based on two other fields – Reference number and Title. Each time either of those fields is edited, the filename is updated and committed on save.
      If that sounds like what you want to do let me know and I can share the rules I use.

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      Alexander Bautz

      AdamPs approach should work, but if you upload a document I think the EditForm is only shown if you have required fields in it. Try removing the required flag from all fields (in the list settings) and see if this helps you bypass it.


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